Oscar “Bob” Freesen Jr. was born on September 2nd 1925 and lived on his family’s farm south of Bluffs, Illinois. He attended elementary school in Campbell Hollow, a one-room schoolhouse near Oxville, and graduated from Bluffs High School. Soon after graduating, he was drafted into the Army and fought with the 83rd Infantry Division during […]

Home & Hearth

Uniquely able to evoke fond memories, the Home and Hearth area of Old School Museum is filled with furniture, appliances and household items. Housed in a display area designed to look similar to an early prairie cabin, the items are set about as though they were actually to be used. There is a parlor with […]

Soap Box Derby Car

Soap box car racing was a popular pastime for American youth. The cars were usually made from scrap materials such as crates and baby buggy wheels, and only needed a steep hill and a skilled driver to race. In 1933, a photographer from the Dayton Daily News in Ohio organized a formal soap box race. […]

Early Board of Education Records

Before the founding of Scott County in January 1839, citizens of this region of Morgan County operated schools that were partially funded by county taxes. The practice of forming county school districts continued until there were a total of 52 districts in 1932. The early teachers of these schools kept attendance records to calculate their […]

Early Washers

The Maytag Company, now synonymous with the washing machine, was actually founded as a farm implement manufacturer in 1893. The company produced a threshing machine feeder greatly improving safety and became the largest feeder manufacturer in the world by 1902. To solve seasonal drops in sales, a hand operated washing machine was developed in 1907. […]

Hoosier Cabinet

Many homes around the turn of the century were lacking cabinets and storage in the kitchen. The Hoosier Manufacturing Company meant to fill this need when it was incorporated in 1899. The company re-designed what was called a baker’s cabinet, creating a well organized, compact cabinet and counter. The Hoosier was a large success and […]

Acme Electronics

These are diagnostic and repair tools from Acme Electronics, a television and radio repair shop operated by Howard and Donna Gutekunst for over 30 years in Jacksonville, Illinois. Mr. Gutekunst was a graduate of Jacksonville High School and Illinois College. Howard joined the U.S. Air Force and served in Morocco during the Korean Conflict working […]

Philco Predicta

The Philco Predicta televisions were introduced in 1959 with a unique swivel screen design that, although eye-catching, was unreliable and cost the company in repairs and returns. This “Siesta” was the finest model and featured a 17” screen and a clock for programing the television to turn off and on at certain times. The company […]

Dental Chair

This Peerless-Harvard dental chair sat above the First State Bank building on the northwest corner of the square in Winchester. It is believed to have been used by Dr. J. Walton Dace, who ran a practice in the front suite of the bank starting in 1896. Dr. Dace was known to always have the latest […]