Steel Moldboard Plow

Many early settlers in frontier Illinois harbored irrational fears and superstitions associated with the open prairie. Rumors that the prairies floated on bodies of water and could swallow unwary travelers were common. It was believed that land scarce of timber had poor soil and insufficient water and was not suitable for farming. Settlers would often […]

Native American Tools and Weapons

As the prairie lands of frontier Illinois were cleared and plowed, farmers uncovered remnants of ancient people that once lived on these lands. Our display of Native American stone tools and weapons date as far back as 10,000 BC, when Paleo-Indian people hunted large game and gathered foods from nature’s bounty.

Pottery Kiln Site

In the summer of 2010, the City of Winchester was widening a ditch along Maple Street. The workers found a large deposit of pottery sherds, or broken pieces of pottery. The city contacted the staff of the Old School Museum and Archeologist Dr. Claire Dappert was given permission to conduct a dig in order to […]

Arrowhead and Stone Tool Collection

A large collection of Native American stone arrowheads and tools are now on display at the Old School Museum in Winchester. Mary and Kent Coultas of Winchester, loaned 296 stone tools, including arrowheads, axes, hammerstones, drills, knives, and spear points. The pre-historic tools were found by farmers in an area near the Illinois River, just […]