Oscar “Bob” Freesen Jr. was born on September 2nd 1925 and lived on his family’s farm south of Bluffs, Illinois. He attended elementary school in Campbell Hollow, a one-room schoolhouse near Oxville, and graduated from Bluffs High School. Soon after graduating, he was drafted into the Army and fought with the 83rd Infantry Division during […]

Home & Hearth

Uniquely able to evoke fond memories, the Home and Hearth area of Old School Museum is filled with furniture, appliances and household items. Housed in a display area designed to look similar to an early prairie cabin, the items are set about as though they were actually to be used. There is a parlor with […]

Soap Box Derby Car

Soap box car racing was a popular pastime for American youth. The cars were usually made from scrap materials such as crates and baby buggy wheels, and only needed a steep hill and a skilled driver to race. In 1933, a photographer from the Dayton Daily News in Ohio organized a formal soap box race. […]