Home & Hearth

Uniquely able to evoke fond memories, the Home and Hearth area of Old School Museum is filled with furniture, appliances and household items. Housed in a display area designed to look similar to an early prairie cabin, the items are set about as though they were actually to be used. There is a parlor with […]

Early Washers

The Maytag Company, now synonymous with the washing machine, was actually founded as a farm implement manufacturer in 1893. The company produced a threshing machine feeder greatly improving safety and became the largest feeder manufacturer in the world by 1902. To solve seasonal drops in sales, a hand operated washing machine was developed in 1907. […]

Hoosier Cabinet

Many homes around the turn of the century were lacking cabinets and storage in the kitchen. The Hoosier Manufacturing Company meant to fill this need when it was incorporated in 1899. The company re-designed what was called a baker’s cabinet, creating a well organized, compact cabinet and counter. The Hoosier was a large success and […]