Oscar “Bob” Freesen Jr. was born on September 2nd 1925 and lived on his family’s farm south of Bluffs, Illinois. He attended elementary school in Campbell Hollow, a one-room schoolhouse near Oxville, and graduated from Bluffs High School. Soon after graduating, he was drafted into the Army and fought with the 83rd Infantry Division during […]

Scott County Voting Box

The Illinois Municipal Voting Act was enacted in 1913, granting women partial suffrage. They could vote in presidential elections and for local offices not specifically named in the Illinois constitution, but were excluded from voting for state representative, congressman, or governor. The ballot box is designated for men because the ballots were kept separate. Women […]

Winchester Soda Bottle

This soda bottle was created by the Winchester Bottling Works which was located on South Hill street. William I. Woodal, fondly known as “Soda Pop Bill,” produced soda at his factory from 1910 until his death in 1920. The company made sodas flavored with orange, strawberry, grape, creme, and sarsaparilla. Surely the favorite cool drink […]

Threatening Postcard to County Commissioners

The current Scott County courthouse was built in 1885 on the northeast corner of the square in Winchester. A message sent to county commissioner James Coultas reveals that not everyone approved the expenditure of $37,500. This post card reads: “To the County Commissioners of Scott County, you had better go slow in regard to building […]

Harry Herring’s “Trench Art” Clock

During the Great War, or World War I, many soldiers created pieces of art during lulls in combat. “Trench art” was often made from used artillery shells, bullet casings, or anything available. This clock was created by a soldier from Scott County named Harry Herring. He used the hub of a plane propeller to fashion […]